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Two runaways arrive at an abandoned oil rig, its inhabitants mysteriously disappearing. Across the storm, the Institute hunting them down. And a spectral white light, leaving nowhere to hide when secrets come tumbling out...

Tower Angels began its life as a stage play, Eden, first performed at the Matchstick Theatre, London, in early 2020. After a year of dystopic social isolation, the play already about just that subconsciously evolved into a much more expansive story for the characters that had been stewing since just before it all.

Both in its original form and now, Tower Angels is a slow-burn relationship drama, exploring the connections we make both out of necessity and choice. Core themes of memory, identity, legacy and hope bolster a story that is told half in the past, half in the present, by many characters with many voices. With nowhere to run from each other anymore, our survivors must tame the storm inside to outlast the storm raging overhead.

Tower Angels is intended for mature audiences, consistently dealing with heavy themes and content, including: strong and/or derogatory language, sexual themes, assault, violence, mental health, substance abuse, and death. Content warnings will be provided for every episode.

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